Bob Bot

the channel builder


Bob is a Discord bot which allows members of a server to create temporary voice channels, voice channels which are deleted after being empty for a certain period of time.

Use cases

With Bob, members of your server will be able to create channels of their own without having the Manage Channels permission:

  • They will be able to make a channel with a custom title for a specific topic
  • They will be able to make a channel to talk privately with their friends
  • They will be able to make a channel where nobody can talk unless allowed
  • They will be able to make a channel where only specific people can talk
  • ...and so on!

However, the server channel list will stay clean, as these channels will be automatically deleted as soon as they are unused.


Can I store the permissions of a temporary channel and recall them later?

Yes! Use the /save Slash Command to create a preset based on the channel you created, then load the preset when you recreate the channel with /build.

Why does Bob need Administrator permissions?

Discord doesn't allow users to create channels with the Manage Permissions permission unless they also have the Administrator permission.

Why does Discord not automatically select the /build slash command anymore?

The server has another integration with a /build command registered (possibly the Datamine Updates bot).

Why does Bob not delete channels it created?

Either you have not set a notification channel with /config cc, or it does not have the permissions required to delete the channel.

Commands list

/build {name} Create a new temporary channel
/save {preset} {channel} Save the permissions of a channel to a preset
/build {name} [preset] Create a new temporary channel using the permissions of a preset
/config cc {channel} Set a channel as the notification channel
/config dt {timeout} Select the timeout after which a temporary channel is deleted

Source code

Bob is free and libre open source software!

The source code is currently hosted on GitHub, and can be viewed here!